little prince

What “The Little Prince” Taught Me

I have always believed that learning knows no age. Every person who crosses our path has the power to teach us a valuable lesson or two if only we remain receptive and open to the learning process. A lot of adults around give me a quizzical expression wh ...


Goodbye, 2021

I began 2021 with magical expectations. After all, the previous year (2020) had been hard. I was holidaying in Goa when the lockdown was announced. Stranded in Mumbai, away from my family, suddenly not having access to help, and constantly feeling scared ...


Towards A Consensual Holi!

The views expressed in this blog are personal, and not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, or individual. This year, with COVID-19 cases daily on the rise, private (inside housing societies) and public Holi celebrations have been banned, an ...

divya2 (2)

20 Things 2020 Taught Me

December is here! The year 2020 is finally coming to an end. I daresay that 2020 has been a particularly interesting year for everyone, packed with several challenges. At a personal level, while this has been a year filled with several teachable moments ...


Teaching Tolerance: Challenging Gender Stereotypes

This is 2020. Today, the youth are definitely more "woke" than the previous generation - a term which simply means that they are more aware and active about movements and issues related to social and racial injustice - and more and more people are questi ...


The Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life

I loved jigsaw puzzles as a child. The entire process of attempting to arrange the separate pieces of a puzzle in the correct manner to ensure that they form one complete picture was an amazing journey! Even though I am 31 years old now, jigsaw puzzles c ...


Write Your Own Epitaph!

"If you were to die today, what would you want written on your epitaph?" I must admit that the first time I was asked this question, I was quite startled. I am 30 old, perfectly hale and hearty and I have many years to go before I can even think of dy ...

Teach and Learn

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Today is September 5th - all over India, this day is widely celebrated as Teachers' Day. I am not very comfortable with the concept of assigning a particular day of the year to the celebration of a particular relationship. For instance, I find it real ...


Far Far Away

Happy endings need not exist just in fairy-tales. Fairy-tales have the beauty of always giving one a simpler, newer perspective of things, a transformation of ideology from “I wish” to “I will” and a belief in trust, kindness, goodness, hope and love.