Mother Nature is filled with various, beautiful lessons. As part of our Releaf Series, here is a post on what we can learn from the beautiful butterflies.


A Note From The Rain

This is for anyone who feels like continuing to hold on to something that Life wants them to let go of. Hello!When you want to hold on to your dream or a love for anything, and you feel like the whole world wants you to walk away from it, but you ...


Accepting Yourself & Your Body: You Can Be You!

In today’s time, it can seem like our happiness depends on others. There was a point of time when I did not know a bigger people-pleaser in the world than me. I found it hard to say “no”, did whatever was asked just to be liked, without honouring my own ...


Letting Them Go: Social Media For The Broken-Hearted

A few nights ago when I was randomly scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed, I saw a comment on my friend’s wall by someone I haven’t been in touch with for a while. I was a little bit surprised to see their name, and a part of me just wanted to scroll d ...

patronus new

Expecto Patronum!

There are times when the world we inhabit seems to be quite a scary place. We are, sometimes, presented with a continuous streak of horrible days that just seem to get from bad to worse. There are some days where we can’t find even one reason to smile. I ...


What Harry Potter Taught Me About Grief

I have read the Harry Potter series countless number of times, and each time I revisit it, I feel like I have stumbled upon a new gem of wisdom. When I was in college, a classmate of mine told me that reading Harry Potter helped her come to terms with he ...


Harry Potter: The Script of the Modern Fairy-Tale

I was ten years old when I first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s been more than two decades since, and I remain a Potterhead even today. Even people who have never been able to understand the charm of the books (and I’d be lying if I ...


How I Became A Counsellor: My Personal Journey

When I was in college and told people that I am studying Psychology, almost everyone assumed that my life is a breeze because "Psychology is such an interesting subject" and no one can get bored learning things about the "mind" and the "soul". At that ti ...

dobby effect

Guilt, Self-Punishment & The Dobby Effect

I am an eternal Potterhead. I have been a huge fan of the Harry Potter series since my childhood. J.K. Rowling, the author of this series, experienced depression before and during writing the Harry Potter series, and, perhaps, that is the reason why the ...