Projects & Workshops

In order to contribute to the overall well-being of the community and bring mental health issues to the forefront, the Silver Lining Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd. runs workshops and organizes meets frequently in, both, formal and informal setups to reduce and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

We run regular workshops and certified trainings on different healing modalities and processes. We also offer corporate workshops personalized  to the needs of the individual organization.

The Story-Whisperers Initiative is an attempt to unite lovers of books, movies, television shows, music, theatre and art in one place. The motivation behind the creation of this common platform is to encourage us to learn and grow from everyone’s individual interests and acknowledge, accept and celebrate differences and diversity.

Among all the constructed realities of our time, the universality of the calendar is one that is our personal favourite. We all agree for having defined these revolutions of our planet into dates, and a mere change of date marks the end of a tedious present. The future always manages to look promising as it gives us a chance to start over! Lights On! is a self-help journal created by us to help you in your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. The idea behind creating this journal was to remind people that perhaps the light that they seek outside of themselves, actually exists within and all they need to do is turn it on. Lights On! is an initiative that seeks to put you on the path to discovering your own light and being guided by your own wisdom.

The Cloud aims to create a safe space for people from different walks of life to come together, freely talk, discuss and understand different aspects and nuances of different areas of life. There are times when we want to be able to freely express ourselves before someone. However, with time, we have become conditioned to holding back our vulnerabilities, and the focus is on maintaining our social image, rather than face the real issues that may be plaguing us. Sometimes, all we need is a space for sharing experiences, making connections, and receiving support from a community. At The Cloud, we wish to create conversations for we believe that meaningful dialogues have the power to change lives. We feel that it is time to start talking again, and engaging in real conversations because a listening ear and a kind heart is the best thing we can offer one another.