Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are work-based intervention programs designed to assist employees in resolving personal issues which may be adversely affecting their performance at work. 

At Silver Lining Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd., we understand how employees often bring with them at work baggage from other areas of life which impacts their ability to be productive at work and live a quality life. We aspire to contribute to the creation of positive, productive and healthy workspaces through quality employee assistance and employee wellbeing programs that infuse life and vitality in the workplace as all stakeholders are able to maximize their efforts and reach their full potential in the absence of stressors, negative emotions and mental blocks to success.

We provide confidential, one-on-one counselling services to employees and their immediate family members for any personal, family or workplace concern. These services can be availed face-to-face as well as online.


We conduct webinars and workshops on various topics in the field of mental health that contribute to enhancing emotional wellbeing for all employees of the organization we serve.

We provide leadership training, teambuilding, PoSH training and soft skills development training for all employees within an organization. We believe that all employees need to be equipped with tools to become more productive, more capable contributors at the workplace. We use interactive exercises, experiential learning, and make use of evidence-based techniques to ensure that we are adding value to the personal and professional development of the employees and management team. We specialize in high-impact training with programs customized to your needs—ranging from just a few hours to multiple days.