Counselling & Psychotherapy


Counselling enables a person experiencing difficulties to explore and examine the same in a confidential, compassionate, and supportive environment. Counselling helps individuals gain insights into the thoughts and feelings that influence their behaviours, and helps them develop healthy coping skills to enhance overall emotional and mental wellbeing.

At the Silver Lining Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd., our counsellors believe in being there for the client as facilitators of change, healing and growth. We believe in providing a safe, non-judgmental and trusting space for clients to make it easier for them to discover their own capacity for growth and change. The process of counselling is one of empowerment where individuals are equipped with skills and abilities to help them take charge of themselves in all areas of their lives.

We all have our fair share of stressors in life. There are times when we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or just plain stuck. Doubts keep popping up, “How does everyone else have it all figured out?” The voices in our head keep reminding us that we aren’t good enough/ smart enough/ attractive enough/ ___________ enough. Often, we find ourselves in unfulfilling relationships. We feel lonely. We feel like we’re all alone, and we keep wondering why we just can’t seem to get it together. We question our lovability, self-worth, deservability, and find ourselves experiencing sadness more often, unable to let go, unable to move forward, and we wonder if there ever will come a time when we’ll feel truly happy.

If you found yourself resonating with some of the things written above, counselling would really help you gain clarity about what you want in life. During our time together, we can help you develop more self-compassion and practice self-love and self-acceptance. These are the building-blocks to forming deeper, more fulfilling connections with oneself and others as it enables one to form healthy thought-patterns that are supportive in one’s growth. As one begins to let go of the unpleasant feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety and shame, one begins to learn to listen to their own inner wisdom and joy, and is driven to live a more authentic life, filled with joy and wholeness despite life’s challenges.

Some of the issues we support individuals through include anxiety, depression, feelings of overwhelm, identity crisis, life-transitions, relationship challenges, sexuality, self-worth and inner critic, moving through grief and loss, and managing stress.

Many relationships are troubled with conflict and pain instead of love and happiness. Sometimes, individuals need help in order to better manage the ebbs and flows of partnership. Relationship Counselling is available to individuals and couples who are struggling with difficulties in their relationships.

At the Silver Lining Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd., we provide support to couples who are coping with a partner struggling with mental health issues, or facing difficulty in communicating in effective and healthy ways, finding it difficult to navigate life-transitions and changes, feeling dissatisfied in their relationship, lacking physical or emotional intimacy, or just wanting more connection with their partner.

Relationship counselling involves sessions where the focus is on getting an improved understanding of oneself and one’s partner, gaining insight into each other’s personality differences, needs and expectations, developing better communication skills, and learning problem-solving and conflict-resolution strategies.

At the Silver Lining Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd., we truly believe that a “happily ever after” is possible for all of us.


Psychotherapy  strives to uncover the foundation of the issues affecting an individual, and address them in the most efficient manner. Instead of just helping individuals find solutions to specific problems, psychotherapy is a long-term process that focuses more on gaining insight into chronic physical and emotional issues.

At the Silver Lining Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd., the focus of psychotherapy is on the individual’s thought-processes, and how these may be influenced by past events in a manner that they hinder optimal performing in the present day. Psychotherapy helps address the root-cause and core issues of current problems so that lasting change and personal growth may occur.

Clinical hypnotherapy is the science of using hypnosis as a modality for treating various emotional and physical concerns. Hypnosis is a method by which an individual is guided into an altered state of conscious awareness (also known as ‘hypnotic trance’) in order to achieve psychological and physiological changes that are beyond normal conscious capability. During hypnosis, the client enters into a deep state of relaxation which makes it easier to get in touch with the subconscious space and connect with the root-cause of the concerned issues.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be useful in alleviating distress, fears and phobias, difficult emotions, asthma, anxiety, relationship issues, stage-fright, allergies, trauma, and issues related to abundance blocks. Hypnotherapy proves to be highly effective for pain management. It also helps individuals beat addiction, and motivates one to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

Hypnotherapy works at a subconscious level and facilitates healing at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and energy - which may otherwise be beyond conscious capacity.

Past life regression is the use of hypnosis to understand the root-cause behind some inexplicable physical symptoms or emotional upheavals by drawing out memories from this life and previous ones. Research has shown that unhealed memories from past lives may carry themselves forward in the current life, and manifest in the form of certain physical and emotional conditions. Past life regression helps an individual gain access to these memories, heal them by reframing and rescripting to reverse the effects of the condition.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a practical self-help, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use method that helps reduce stress as well as painful emotions associated with intrusive thoughts and past experiences. Over the years, EFT has also come to be known as Tapping because the practice comprises tapping with finger-tips on certain meridian-points on the hand and face while talking through traumatic memories, or exploring a wide range of emotions. In many cases, EFT can be directly applied to physical symptoms for relief without exploring any emotional contributors.

Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that uses EFT to help individuals connect with their past traumas and core beliefs and transform them to enable healthy living. Research has shown EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to be effective techniques for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, fears and phobias, allergies, depression and emotional distress.

The Journey is a method of cellular healing developed by Brandon Bays that unearths the root-cause of an issue and enables the resolution of any physical and emotional challenges that arise from it. The Journey is effective in overcoming fears, worry, stress, anxiety, depression, issues related to self-esteem and confidence, physical illnesses and disease, addictions, past traumas and hurts, and issues with abundance in the area of relationships, health and finances.

The Journey is a simple, easy and effective way to heal physical and emotional issues, release repressed emotions to reset the body for healing and awakening, strip away the past to access the infinite healing potential and experience a feeling of wholeness and enlightened freedom.