Write Your Own Epitaph!

"If you were to die today, what would you want written on your epitaph?" I must admit that the first time I was asked this question, I was quite startled. I am 30 old, perfectly hale and hearty and I have many years to go before I can even think of dy ...

Teach and Learn

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Today is September 5th - all over India, this day is widely celebrated as Teachers' Day. I am not very comfortable with the concept of assigning a particular day of the year to the celebration of a particular relationship. For instance, I find it real ...


Far Far Away

Happy endings need not exist just in fairy-tales. Fairy-tales have the beauty of always giving one a simpler, newer perspective of things, a transformation of ideology from “I wish” to “I will” and a belief in trust, kindness, goodness, hope and love.



Mother Nature is filled with various, beautiful lessons. As part of our Releaf Series, here is a post on what we can learn from the beautiful butterflies.