Chester Bennington: Rest in peace

So last night I found out that Chester Bennington had completed suicide. I just could not believe it and kept staring blankly at the screen. Please, this could not be true!


‘Numb’ can be called the apt soundtrack of my teenage years. So many times I had to suppress my individuality in order to fit in, so hard I tried to not disappoint my parents, so many times I felt miserable because I was being judged…There were so many times when I felt like a failure and in those moments when there were no people around to help me feel better, music did. Chester’s voice and Linkin Park’s music made me feel comforted, as if someone out there understood my pain and agitation, and could understand and express exactly what I was going through.

And now Chester Bennington is dead, and so is a part of my childhood. If I think practically, his death should not be difficult to process – perhaps through his music he was only putting himself out there, and the emotions behind those words he sang felt so real only because he was feeling those feelings all this while.

My timeline is flooded with tributes to Chester making me realize actually for the first time how much Linkin Park means to our generation…But I also wonder: if we have all been going through similar things, then our stories must not be very different from one another; why do we then not talk about it? Why do we refuse to seek help? Why can’t we offer help to those in need? Why can we not sensitize and be sensitive at the same time? It’s easy to cry on social media, post quotes to reflect our mood, but why can’t we take active steps to put an end to our misery? Surely, suicide is not the only way out!

Chestor Bennington is dead and we can do nothing about it. One more talent is gone, once again proving that depression exists for real. So why are we still living in denial? Albus Dumbledore had said that help would always be given to those who ask for it, so when help is available, why are we still scared to take the assistance we need? Depression is hard to understand, but it is real.

Chester, we will miss you. I hope you are peaceful wherever you are.


You matter, Chester. Everyone matters. We all deserve to be helped. Let’s not shun away from acknowledging the importance of mental health. We have been silent for so long, and it has only led to suffering. Not anymore. Let’s not honour Chester Bennington by only playing his songs on loop for the entire weekend, or posting “Rest in Peace” messages on social media. Let’s strive to make a difference; let’s strive to ensure not another life ends in the same manner as Chester’s. After all, isn’t that what he always wanted?


P.S. For confidential assistance on issues pertaining to mental health, write to us at and we will connect with you immediately. 

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